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This new sales comm bullshit is full of bullshit. I requested a feedback page eons ago, and I just checked now to see if its up, and it's not. Not only would I like to make a WTB post so I can get a silly blouse for the meetup, I would also like to make a sales post in the near future.

I suppose I should just give one of the mods a PM, ect, but its frustrating none the less.

If I can't get my WTB to work, does anyone want to do a Bodyline order with me? All I want is this silly blouse so if anyone else wants to take advantage and cut down on shipping with me I'd appreciate.

Alternatively, if anyone has a short-sleeved black blouse they'd be willing to lend me, that'd be really cool, though I always feel really bad borrowing things, especially clothing in fear of getting it dirty/smelly/spilling things/ect.
Sweets Cat

I'm going on a bear hunt...

If anyone on my friends list has any photos on their computers that feature bears used in some fashion context, I would love it if you could email me them :). Fabric with bears, accessories with bears, bear ears, bear heads, photoshoots featuring bears.

Bear-like fur used in interesting/relevant ways also would be appreciated! Thanks~
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Random stuff wishlist ->

- New MP3 Player. I think I want an Ipod nano because theyre in my price range, and will fit happily with my itunes. However I have a LOT of music. Not that I listen to it all anyway, but I want something that can at least fit most of it. It would be nice if it were something I could deco...

- New bike. Well, maybe an old-new bike. A bike that fits me, rather than my 10 year old bike I still ride. The wheels on my bike are just so small. It's crazy!

- A haircut. It needs to happen. I have anxiety about it, but I hate having long hair much more often than I love it, so I think its time to chop it.

- A bread pan

- A few wigs. A curly big one, a flowey long romantic one, and a colorful one (or a few).

- Circle lenses. Yeah, still needs to happen.

- A doll. I've been oogling Blythes lately.

- A onepiece swimsuit.

- High waist pants
Sweets Cat

Outfit stuff~

I'm about to go on vacation up north with no interbutts, so I'll get this out of the way before I go.

I'm definately going to do a sales post when I return. I want to buy more lolita, and I have far too many things in my closet right now that I don't wear, or were impulse or "try it" buys, or things I just want to get rid of (mostly that goddamn blouse which I will probably sell for like 10$). I'm hoping if all of it sells, which is probably pretty optimistic, I'll have enough to fund my purchase of the MAGICAL FUCKING ETOILE JSK I AM IN NEGOTIATIONS FOR!!!!!!!!!!! I am very very happy about these developments, now it is just time to rake in the cash. If all goes well, I will also be able to begin to fund my purchase of Fantastic Dolly, because I quite love that print. It also has major black in all of the colorways, meaning I will be able to be happy wearing it and matching it with the rest of the things in my wardrobe.

I've begun to think about my outfit for the megameet. I suppose I should put effort or something into my outfit since its going to be such a large meet, but the other part of me doesn't care, because of the whole sham I expect the meet itself to be. Emma and I have discussed Jewelry Jellying together, which I think is a pretty good idea. We both have star purses too, and the bow, and I *think* the socks, so we can properly twin. Alice and Ellejay might even end up pinking with us as well.

As much as I like the idea of twinning for the meet, and as much as I want to twin with dear Emmarz, I'm not convinced I want to wear JJ to the megameet. Firstly, it will probably be ungodly ungodly hot. I don't particularly want to wear a hot blouse/cutsew under it, though i don't want to go to the meet all fatty and unbloused. And while JJ is pretty darn cute without a blouse, I don't know if my twin buddies will want to be blouseless or whatever.

I also don't know what I want to do with my hair. I really need a stinking haircut because my hair has been driving me wild lately. It's gotten really long and unruley, and while the length is nice and romantic and stuff, it simultaneously makes me want to chop it. I'm thinking seriously about mushroom bobs. But not with JJ. Perhaps wig?

When I next have enough money to make more lolita purchases, I would like to buy a few more wigs. I really enjoy them and a lot of times they make me look a lot more complete than I would with just my limp boring hair and my lack of styling ability (really just laziness/lack of tools). Wigs are so nice just to throw on and go with.

I want this one:
This is probably my number one drooly wig at the moment. It's so AP clone, but I don't care. I want to wear it with JJ and my pink cowboots.

Also a few others, but I'm too lazy to post them.
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Sewing crap...

Today I think I am going to draft myself a new skirt pattern. A few weeks back I was going through my sewing stuff and discovered that the rectangle skirt method is completely bogus. All of the skirts I've made that way are not quite right. I am a competent seamstress, and I am certainly capable of making things that don't look like complete crap. Skirt making is super easy, so its really a shame I don't have a decent pattern that I can work off of when I want to make one. My trapezoid skirts and my tiered skirts usually turn out the right shape, so I'm going to work off of that sort of premise. 

Maybe my dad will help me pay for the repairs my serger needs so I can really start making things.  
Sweets Cat

Lolita Level Meme

This is kind of dumb but I want to do it anyway because of boredom.

Collapse )Adorable Admirer (lvls 1 - 20) You've started studying or liking lolita but haven't taken that leap of faith yet. Good luck!

Resplendant Rufflebutt (lvls 21 - 40) At home within the land of the rufflebutts and spilling frills from every edge.

Victorian Maiden (lvls 41 - 60) A classy lolita of taste and experience, who knows her way around the lolita social set.

Starry Celebrity (lvls 61-80) On page 6 of the lolita world, you've risen to the ring of upper crust.

Pretty Princess (lvls 81 - 100) Lolita royalty, truly versed in the ways of the lacey ones, the lolita princesses have achieved a special level of enlightenment.

Ultimate Lolita (Boss Fight!) (lvls 100+) Wow, you've gotten over 100 levels? You're the ultimate lolita with unlimited hitpoints. That's actually a little scary...

Man I don't really know if this is true. I've been aware of and have worn offbrand/handmade lolita for a long time, but for much of that time I was very out of touch. Though I've been into lolita seriously for more than two years now, I still feel like a newb a lot of the time. Maybe its just general social anxiety, but I feel like a lot of girls I know and even a lot of girls on here, are a lot more adept than I. Ah well.