May 13th, 2011

Sweets Cat

Acen Coordinates (working plan)

Outfit One (Punk Lolita):
Blue Trump Carnivale OP
Hipster Glasses
Black bob
Engineer boots
Dot tulle half-gloves
Vertical stripped stockings
Many, many strings of white pearls/white beads
Maybe: Studded cropped vest

Outfit Two (Dolly Kei x Lolita):
Milk Tea embroidery JSK
Black Corset
Black Tulle skirt (short)
Beige and pink floral chiffon skirt
Fox stole
Creme roses
Brown leather satchel
Leather waist belt (maybe straw waist belt)
floral stockings or maybe beige stockings
Victorian boots
Kid gloves - black
gold/brass jewelry
Pin curls

..... more later