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Shopping list ->

+ Winter boots. Some knee-high or otk thing... Steve Madden has some I like shockingly. Maybe that one shoe store will restock the ones I was looking at last year but were sold out by the time I got around to purchasing them...

+ Slouchy tops to replace grubby tshirts and shirts i still wear that used to be fashionable

+ Still looking for a pair of comfort heels. Found almost the perfect pair but they're a half size too small. Anyone own a shoe stretcher? I feel weird taking them to a shop that does it, since I purchased them from a store that doesn't. This reminds me that I need to call Aldo.

+ Sweaters. My two comfy sweaters are beginning to want company. Wool sweaters, rather than acrylic. Im sick of being cold all the time in my knits.

+ Bomber jacket. Wishlist item obviously. H&M now has knockoff burberry ones but they only come in black, and for once thats a problem for me. I tried on a bonafide flight jacket at the army surplus, and it was completely epic, but also very expensive. If I'm going to drop $500 on a non-fashion one, I might as well save for the stupid Burberry jacket I lust over. Whats a $1500 difference anyway, psh.

In other news Ive decided I need to do a mass clean out of my apartment. So much clothing I don't wear or want or need. So much random junk cluttering everything all the time. So many things I cant stand looking at anymore. Once I get into cleaning mode, i might post here if anyone wants anything, otherwise im just going to trash it.
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