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Fashion daliences

As a result of boy-related drama, my mind has not been very focused on lolita... When I turn to the sales communities to buy something with the stash of clothes money in my paypal right now, theres nothing I particularly want to buy.

Instead I have discovered this huge urge to start buying real clothes. Clothes that maybe are attractive to the opposite sex, and that will make me look more like a bombshell than a barbie doll.

So - Fashion/Beauty things for fall:

I am totally in love with Burberry's bomber jackets this fall. They are super fab with giant collars, exaggerated details, classic sensibility. I really wish they didn't cost as much as my savings because they tempt me so when I pass the Burberry store every Monday on Michigan Ave. I hope F21 or H&M or someone make a knock-off. D:

Sweaters. I love them to pieces, but I want to start stocking up on ones that are both flattering and fashionable rather than just comfy. There's at Belmont Army I want a lot right now.

More leggings that actually fit.

Heels. Discovered Aldo's shoes are incredibly comfortable. Going to order more :<

Dolman sleeved tshirt. Cause I look nice in baggy tops.

A skirt suit, or just more decent/fitting pencil skirts. Both for work and play.

In terms of lolita, I should stop buying as much sweet and focus on building my classic/gothic wardrobe again. I can wear those items more often and in more mature situations while still feeling like myself. And maybe looking glamorous enough to make someone write home to mom ;P.
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