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So I have this big wad of cash sitting in my paypal account pretty much for the express purpose of lolita buying. I want to buy stuff, but I'm not really sure what. I was holding out for Fantasic Dolly, but as the colors I want sold out on reservation, there's not a huge chance I'm going to get it unless I am really really quick with Starry Candy Box (which I will try my best to be!).

There's a really affordable Magical Etoile jumper floating around Mbok right now which I am really tempted by. It's the red colorway, which I really like, but my dream of dreams is the black.

There's also an affordable Royal Poodle in black, which I thought wasn't my favorite print, but after seeing Mina's, I am really tempted by the details. I also really like that it straddles a line between being suitable for OTT sort of looks, but also more princessey/elegant looks.

I also feel like I want to add more basics to my closet, but I feel like I don't want to spend a lot of money on those things, and the ones I can find that are affordable are not really my favorite. Whenever I try to buy these things, I sort of blank on what I need.

Another option I'm mulling over is commissioning a bonnet. I really love them and I want one. My friend commissioned a really really stunning minitricorn from Apatico, and everything I've seen from her is 100% lush. That girl really knows her hats. They are however, extremely pricey. It'd be worth it, I know, but I'm not sure I want to spend as much as a brand dress for a silly hat. The other option I've been thinking is getting one from Ophanim. I don't really like the flowers she uses, but I could probably request my bonnet without them. The construction on these looks fairly hit or miss, though the black ones she's been making lately have been really fab, and are definitely along the lines of what I want. Also much more affordable. Abbie's bonnet from Excalibur Girls is really pretty, but I don't know if they're still alive?

Maybe I should just buy more wigs...

Maybe I should buy nothing and save my money until Angelic Pretty releases the kitten print of my dreams.
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