lady_saltina (lady_saltina) wrote,

Megameet outfit

I'm thinking I'll do my hair something like this with my extensions. Put the bow on its side and add my glitter bow and other shit.

I'll wear it with the polkadot socks Emma brought me. For shoes I'm thinking that I should probably wear my black tea parties as to match with Emma, but I sort of want to try pink shoes with it and maybe a pink blouse. Perhaps even pink tights underneath. I know Emma doesn't have a pink blouse, so if I were to really really match with her I couldn't wear it... I'm also suspicious that my pink blouse is really dumb looking on me. It's one of those giant collar giant puff sleeve deals and I generally feel silly in it. I haven't tried to wear my new pink cutsew under a jumperskirt yet, but it doesn't have a collar so I'm not sure how well it would work. I'll try everything on tonight and see.

I would also like to be decently deco'd, I'm not sure I have enough stuff to put on myself. We'll figure it out I guess.

Speaking of tonight, I have a really busy day ahead of me. I need to:
- Pick up dry cleaning and mail out dresses
- Pick up needed makeup and accessories for outfit tomorrow
- Wig spray & brush
- Dye hair
- Look at kittens
- Go see movie with a friend?

I don't think the last two are going to happen tonight, I should call them and reschedule.
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